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This is PURPLE Life Coaching !!

Life Coaching
William (Bill) Murray has launched murrayTALK, which features both PURPLE Life Coaching and PURPLE Media. He is well over 35 years into his own recovery.

A Life Coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. A PURPLE Life Coach is not locked in to any one approach.
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PURPLE Life Coaching - coaching with an open minded and apolitical mentor

So .. what's this all about? .. well ..

A lot of people these days are actually quite unhappy. Many achieve the so-called 'American Dream' with middle-class and upper class trappings, attaining the things we were taught (incorrectly) would be fulfilling. Other people just can't seem to get it together.

My original 'specialties' were in the area of recovery from childhood abuse and trauma, and from alcohol and substance abuse. But long after I got clean and sober I still found myself floundering and unhappy.

Why am I so much better now? Because I also learned to take on life-on-life's-terms, skills I wasn't brought up with.

Now I am thriving, and am knowledgeable about many therapeutic techniques and tools, including using the Spiritual principals of 12 Step work.

I'll show you how to build confidence, restore self-esteem and live in comfort and freedom from the inside out. I will help you move your life forward in every area.

For example, I'll not only be able to provide the coaching skills and outcomes listed elsewhere on the site, but am open minded, as I've always been on my own personal healing journey, to consider options that other coaches might believe to be 'unorthodox'.

I often use humor, and can laugh at myself today (after all .. there's so much material to work with!! .. LOL


Mind .. body .. spirit .. all a part of this.

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, no matter how many times you try to overcome the past there's a missing piece to the puzzle?

Here's the thing .. you can have the best counselor or therapist or shrink in the world, but if they've not personally experienced the deeply ingrained shame and internal torment left behind by abuse, no amount of textbook knowledge will ever provide them with the answers you have been searching for.

Those very answers are essential to targeting subconscious blind spots, mind-set blocks, and flawed beliefs .. all of which have held you back for way too long!

Up until now, you may have been stuck in what could be called the ‘Trauma Cycle,' left behind by childhood abuse (sexual, violent, emotional or through neglect), domestic violence, and related trauma in suffered in adulthood.

This has you repeating the same mistakes over and over again, frustrated at failing at yet another relationship, or career move, struggling with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and fear of failure.

Constant self-doubt, disappointment and a lack of personal boundaries occur. Perhaps you have you consistently been putting other's needs above your own and living well below your potential. Traditional therapy and counseling haven't worked, and the amount of wasted time, energy and dollars have left you feeling even more frustrated and hopeless.

If you haven't achieved the quality of healing, freedom, and transformation you so desperately seek, and deserve .. here's the thing.


It's Not Your Fault!

Many seek professional therapy (sometimes for many years) as a way to find the answers they need to understand why, no matter how hard they tried to 'be happy', and live a normal life, they still spent every day feeling lonely, broken, disgusting and unworthy of anything good.

For me, no matter the level of success I achieved, even being clean and sober a long time, I continued to wear a mask. From the outside looking in, I appeared happy, fulfilled. I had a decent career and a nice family. As far as 'the world' was concerned I had it all. 

I knew better. My reality was that I was hiding the truth out of shame and embarrassment. I felt like I had failed myself, and my child.

I struggled from a combination of self-doubt and perfectionism, and spent every day at work terrified of being 'found out', waiting to be told that I was not good enough and that I was an imposter due to my low-self esteem, my constant inability to stand up for myself. I had a severe lack of confidence.

Often this became a self-fulfilling reality!

While everyone thought my life was fantastic, successful and thriving, it was the very opposite.

I knew if anything was ever going to change, I had to take drastic action.

It was all up to me .. and now it's up to you!


TODAY, after discovering and applying the strategies and recovery that I am going to show you how I have:

Extended my career and mission in life
Become a well-respected talk radio show host (3,000 episodes)
Speak at workshops and programs to men and women across North America
Become an international motivational speaker, trainer, and coach
Found the love of my life (Christina)
Built a passionate, successful and thriving personal and professional life

I have transformed my entire reality, from a person who was scared, lonely and trapped by the trauma of my past, to one who wakes up every day energized, with a deep sense of inner peace. I am passionate, excited about the future and have discovered my soul-aligned purpose and calling.

I took action, I changed my life forever, and now it's your turn.

Don't continue to self-sabotage your success by procrastinating, by waiting till it feels 'just right' before you take action.

Stop sitting on the sidelines of life watching everyone else have what you crave. Stop dreaming and start receiving. 

If you're ready to experience your own soul-shifting, spirit-awakening, trauma recovery experience to promote fast and lasting change in every area of life, then you need this. I am here to help you step into your true self and live your best life.


I will share with you my strategies to:

Rebuild Your Identity and Self-Worth
– Losing your sense of self to traumatic events is an extremely common experience among survivors. The good news is you are alone, and are not your past. Learn how to rebuild and develop your true identity as a capable, strong, valued, unique, and confident person, worthy of love, success and true happiness in all areas of life.
Shift Negative Beliefs
– Painful events and experiences can create immense feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy. You will learn how to re-frame/replace flawed beliefs with accurate, positive, healthy thoughts, understanding and perspectives. Discover where faulty beliefs began and learn how to re-write your 'story' .. where you transform your life from survivor, to thriver.
Get Your personal Life Back
– Reclaiming a healthy, fulfilling sex life and desire for intimacy with others is one area that no matter how hard we try, can continue to fill us with dread. We can often become frustrated and even angry at ourselves, when feelings of insecurity and fear continue to hold us back from wanting and/or enjoying relationships. You deserve better. It's time to get your life back with powerful, practical, and proven tools, like knowing what you want/deserve and boundary setting. Learn how to enjoy loving, fulfilling, mutually satisfying relationships with others.
Master the Mind and the Art of Self Compassion
– Your mind is where the battle to break free from your past is fought and won. Transforming the way you think is essential to moving from powerless to powerful. Replace negative self-talk and destructive thoughts with powerful and compassionate affirmations and words that serve you, releasing you into a future of personal and professional success. Identify subconscious, self-defeating behaviors and attitudes blocking your success and rewire your brain for exceptional living.
Identify Trust-Traps and Relationship Triggers
– Trust issues and fearing your own judgment when it comes to choosing healthy partners and friends can be very frustrating and anxiety provoking. Clarify your non-negotiable needs and personal values, to ensure you build the healthiest relationships and connections with others. Develop your inner radar and personal triggers to quickly identify red flags in others that you may otherwise dismiss or fail to notice. Repair and rebuild your ability to trust others with powerful yet practical steps to ensure your emotional and physical safety needs come first.
Become Assertive and Empowered with Boundaries
– Empower yourself by refusing to let others take advantage of you ever again. Learn the purpose of boundaries and how to implement them in your life to develop healthy, respectful relationships with others, and yourself. Take back the power of 'choice,' overcome your fear of consequences and assertively express and demonstrate to others what they can expect from you, and you from them. Boundaries increase your day-to-day capacity, build resilience, reduce stress and improve the quality of your relationships, foster inner peace and overall happiness.
Goal Setting and Self Care
– Ignite and clarify your passion, purpose, and plans for the future. Develop personal and professional goals to remain on track, motivated, and consistently moving forward in your recovery. Implement practical self-care strategies and learn the keys to monitoring, listening to and understanding your mind, spirit and body connection for optimum health and fulfillment.

So, do you feel like you've been going around and around in circles?

I understand you. Your internal dialogue on some days sounds a bit like, ‘I've done what they told me to do, so why hasn't it worked!?'

Here's why ..

You simply don't understand the underlying and complex effects of trauma on the body, brain, and spirit .. let alone how to rewire the brain and heal the body from the inside out.

That's why I'm here!
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